Sunday, May 22, 2011

My New Basket

I wanted to show everyone one of my baskets being made. So I took pictures of the various steps. These pictures are just to give an idea of the work that goes into a basket. I did not show you every step. I think it turned out really cute. Also be sure to go to the bottom of this page for a small blog candy giveaway!  

The Cricut Cartridges I used for the tag was Playtime and Accent Essentials.

I used PK-450 Wide Eyed kids stamp Set to stamp the little girls face. Also she just had to have some bling on her shoe and ears. Do you see that she is holding little Copic Markers. I used Glossy Accents fr her eyes.

This the base of the basket. When you weave you have to keep the reed wet so it will bend.

This picture shows all the bent up and held with clothes pins.

One of the hardest parts is getting the first few rows started.

Every other spoke cut.

Then the remaining spokes are tucked in.

Then the rim is then added.
Here is the rim attached with cane. This is before I stained it. You don't have to always stain baskets but I wanted the stained look. You dip them in dye or spray with basket stain like I did. The spray stain is a lot easier to do when you only have one basket to stain.

I would love it if you all would go to this link: Craftiest Mom Contest on facebook and vote for me. The prize is a Cricut Expression 2 Anniversary Edition. I don't have this machine and would love to win it.

1. Become a follower of my blog and leave a comment here telling me you are a follower or if you already were.

I will announce the winner during the week of June 1st

Here is the blog candy.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Today I Weave

Here is some sneak peeks at the basket I am making today. I will show you the rest tomorrow.
I thought everyone would like to see one of my baskets it progress. I entered the Craftiest Mom Contest from Provo Craft for a new E2. I don't have this machine yet. I made a basket for it and never thought to take pictures during the process. I decided to make this one and show you some pictures of it being made. I made a basket to show that I make more crafts than just paper crafts. You could enter any crafty project. Here is a picture of my entry.

Here is a link to my entry for the Craftiest Mom Contest:

Craftiest Mom Contest Amy Wooten

Please give me a vote on Monday the 23rd of May and spread word to all your friends and family. I would really appreciate it.
Also come back tomorrow to sign up for some small blog candy!

Thanks - Amy

Friday, May 20, 2011

Momenta Sketch Challenge

Sorry the picture are not as nice I would like. I took them to late in the day.

Paper used was from Momenta PA- 236o, 5 x 7 Photo Mats

Black, Blue, green and White cardstock.

Cricut Cartridges used :

Plantin Schoolbook
George and Basic Shapes

Funny Cricut Pop Up Card

Well I have been playing around making Pop Up Cards and books. They are all still works in progress but I promise I will share them with you when they get done. I took a break from those to make this creation. I thought it was just such a funny thought that I just had to make it. That way I could share it with all of you. A lot of people want to see all the entries posted from the 5th Anniversary Challenge so that's where this idea came from. I think it turned out cute. What do you guys think? This project was just for fun.

Do you think this looks like Jinger? I hope so. That's who it is suppose to be!Notice the Mickey ears hat . Jinger just came back from a Disney vacation, so I thought the hat was a great gift idea for Cricut. I made Jinger out of a cut I altered from the Cricut Cartridge Country Life.

I used a piece of plastic above the door to resemble glass and put the "wall paper" the front of the card behind it. I used Glossy Accents for Cricuts eyes. They are hard to see.

I tried hard to add enough miniature scrapbook pages. They did receive over 500 entries. Wow!
I hope you all enjoyed this card. Now I can get back to my regular projects. Also please check back Monday. I will have a small giveaway that day. If I get done in time I may post it Sunday. I plan to have another project done to share too.

Cartriges used:

Country Life : Jinger
Mickey Font : Mickey hat
Inspired Heart : rug
Wall Decor and More : pen holder
Sesame Street Friends : Cricut
Store Front : Cricut head
Celebrations : tiny hats and gifts
Plantin Schoolbook : tiny Circles
George and Basic Shapes : to make the desk from scratch
Christmas Noel : Door
French Manor: Chair

I think I listed all of them. Whew!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Train Birthday Banner for my son Kyles 4th Birthday

We had a Thomas The Train theme birthday party. So I made a special train banner for him. He loved it!

Cricut Cartridges used:

Boys Will Be Boys : the train and carts
George and Basic Shapes : circles behind letters
Birthday Cakes : letters and Happy Birthday phrase

I just used yellow, red, blue, and green cardstock.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day Everyone!

Here are a few gifts from two of my boys. This card was made my almost 9 year old. So Sweet. This will go into my keepsake box.

This creation is from my 5 year old. He didn't give it to me today. He gave it to me months ago but I wanted to share something he has made for me too. Can you guess what it is? It's a tie for me to wear to church. lol I adore it. While I don't wear it to church. I have it displayed in a cabinet I use everyday with other very special gifts from my boys.
It always makes me smile :)

Princess Page

Used the Birthday cake cartridge to make this page.

Simple For You Card

Used the Cricut cartridge Celebrations to make this card.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Toy Story Page

This page was made using the Toy Story Cricut cartridge.

Paisley Gift Box

Used the Tags, Bags Boxes and More Cricut cartridge to make this box.
Used Paisley Cricut cartridge for the frog.

Paisley Gift Bag

Cricut Cartridges Used
Tags Bags Boxes and More

Mothers Day Card

I made this card using the Mothers Day Cartridge.

A Card For Dad

I used the Cricut Cartridge Celebrate with a Flourish to make this card.

Just A Sweet Card

I used the Birthday Cakes Cricut Cartridge to make this card.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Pirate Party we had for our oldest when he turned 8

I am sharing some past projects with all of you that I have never posted. I did not have this blog at the time I did all this.

I always decorate the light above the table where I place the cake. Here are some ships I cut out from Paper Doll Dress up Cartridge. I just attach them to the streamers. I only owned about 4 cartridges at the time I did this party. You don't really have to do elaborate cuts to make a party special. Everyone was impressed. Since then I have made things a little fancier. I always use streamers and balloons. The boys just love them.

I made this cake and iced it with homemade butter cream Icing. Tyler loved the cake. The little pirates are little plastic guys I found at the party store where I also bought the candles that match all the plates and tablecloth. We had a fun time. We had a treasure hunt and bubbles was the treasure. All the kids got bubbles to enjoy once they found it. Each one was wrapped and labeled with all their names. I hid clues all over the yard. Hope you enjoy these pictures.

I made all these candies from candy molds. There were coins, jewels and skeletons. I found a deal at a garage sale a few years ago. They were all brand new unused. I believe they were from a cake store that had closed. Everyone had some of this candy!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I wanted to share some pictures of the baskets I weave. I am thinking you all are wondering why the name of my blog is Multi Crafter Amy, so I want to show you why. lol First I want to share some pictures of the baskets I made for my boys for Easter. I love to make things for my boys whenever I can.

Here are the hard boiled eggs my little guys made. They were so good! We had a good time dying them. We made a total of 18 and not one went to waste. My boys love to eat them too. Not to mention they really go fast if you make some into deviled eggs.