Wednesday, December 28, 2011

We have some guests over for the holidays.

My 10 year old son was lucky enough to have his name drawn to babysit the class Guinea Pigs. Four students brought notes of permission from their parents and they drew a winner. They are some cute little guys but they love to make a mess kicking stuff out of their cage. I love the sounds they make and watching them run around the cage. My boys are having a lot of fun holding them. It makes me almost want to go get a new dog for a pet but I think I will hold off on that a little while longer. We had dogs for over 15 years and I am not quite ready to train a new puppy.
I did not get much done this December as I had planned. I was sick for a while and then I had a sick husband and kid to take care of. I think I will just be making New Years cookies and candy instead of Christmas cookies. lol I did manage to cut out a few items on my Cricut but was unable to complete any projects. The only projects I did complete was some ornaments I painted for the new baby's in the family. Maybe now that Christmas is over I will be able get some stuff done.