Saturday, April 7, 2012

My New Jewelry Tree

Today I want to share with you a jewelry tree I found at my local craft store. I really liked this tree just the way it was.... but I needed it to match my bedroom colors. My bedroom colors are brown and blue. So I decided to paint my tree with some brown, blue, and gold acrylic paints. I needed this tree to look like it belongs on my dresser. Also if you look at these pictures you may notice a big difference in the quality of my pictures. On the before picture I used my 6 year old Kodak camera that I can no longer buy the lithium batteries for They quit making them. Also I did not take the time to get a better shot without a shadow. So I bought a new camera. I am so glad I did because this camera has a better zoom and way better mega pixels. So the pictures of my family and projects will be so much clearer and I will be able crop my pictures without losing quality. Also my new camera uses AA batteries which are easy to find an replace. My new camera is slim and will be easier to take along places. It is still a point and shoot camera. I may invest in a more expensive fancier camera later but this one will do for now. My next purchase will be a new video camera so I can do videos for my blog and better videos of my family.

This is the before picture of my tree.

This is the after picture of my tree.

I added some iridescent glitter glue to the leaves to give it a girly touch.

Ok I just had to add this picture of our neighbors rooster. He sure is pretty but can be annoying. I took this picture a few weeks ago. I was taking care of a sick 4 and 6 year old. So I was very busy and was so tired. I had finally taken care of all their needs. I sat down to take a break, the TV was off and the house was quite with two sleeping boys. All of a sudden I hear this dude crowing! It is normal to hear them crow throughout the day, but this was loud. I went to the front door and there he was to greet me just a few feet away. I just laughed and grabbed my camera and he posed. I then told him to leave. He was not interested in leaving, he and a few hens are always visiting us. So I grabbed a glass of water to scare him away. Don't worry, I didn't hit him with it. I threw it on the ground next to him. This picture makes me want to pull out my Country Life cartridge and make a card.


  1. I like your tree! Nice colors and that rooster is something else. Great picture of him.
    The new blog look is terrific and so is your new picture!

  2. Oh! You have to do something fun with that rooster photo!! Love it!

    Awesome tree too! Love the glitter!

  3. He sure is a pretty boy....