Sunday, September 25, 2011

Surprise Birthday Bash for Cricut Banner

This is my paper banner I made for the E2 Design Challenge. I had a lot of fun making this banner. I just got the Birthday Bash Cartridge last month. I cut all the characters except Cricut from it. I also cut my pennants from the Birthday Bash Cartridge . Mr. Cricut was made by combining cuts from Sesame Street Friends cartridge and Everyday Cricut Cartridge. I used two Elmo cuts for the banner. On the Elmo I used in the first pennant for Cricuts body. I think Elmo is laughing but when I put Cricuts head on Elmo, it looks like he is saying "Oh My!"
I used Everyday Cricut for the letters. I wanted to make sure my letters would still pop with all the characters, so I made them bright green with a great glitter paper for the shadow. I used printed paper from the Paper Studio and printed paper from my Hopscotch cartridge.

First is the surprise party pennant......

The first pennant shows Cricut surprised by some of his Birthday Bash friends.

Then on each pennant I show all the guests at Cricut's Surprise party.

I used adhesive foam for all the characters to make them
stand out from the background.

Here is a close up of the banner that is on crochet thread.

Here is the monkey peeking while trying to hit the pinata.

I love how the cat is popping out of the cake.
I thought this cat needs something to hold, so I added a flag for him to hold.

The seal needed more than one ball to balance at Cricut's party.
So I made two and added some shine with Glossy Accents.

These two just look like they are having a great time.

And here is Cricut floating away with the balloons he got at the party.
They are seen in the first pennant.
The printed paper is from the
Imagine Hopscotch cartridge.

I tied all the pennants together by using this great Cricut green rope. I used my Crop A Dile to punch the holes and add grommets. I needed the holes to be just the right size so the pennants would stay in place if hung. The banner would not be complete without some glitter tulle and buttons tied on crochet thread.

Wish me luck!

Ok this is banner # 1.
I will post the second one in a separate post since this one is so long.


  1. I hope you win an E2! You are very deserving with your wonderful design on these banners. I love both of them and it's obvious you did a lot of work with all of the details and the design for each one! Great job!

  2. I hope you win also. The banner is.....Amazing!!! Just beautiful! All the gotta win!
    Good luck. :)

  3. Awwww even though I did not win, all of your comments make me feel like a winner.

  4. Well, I hope I don't hurt anyone's feelings, but this banner is so much better than a couple of the winners I saw on HSN. You really put alot of work into this, and it's fun, colorful, and fabulous. I'd have picked ya!

  5. Thanks Diane. You made me smile. I am glad you noticed all the hard work and time I put into these. I really wanted to win but it wasn't meant to be. :(