Tuesday, October 21, 2014

She's Ready To POP!

Hi there!

This a shower invite for my little sisters baby shower. Oh and before you think the theme "She's Ready To Pop!" sounds mean you should know she insisted on the theme. I had a pink little elephant theme chosen....
Though we all know you want to keep the pregnant lady happy.. Right? YES of course we do.
I think it turned out great. The balloon was chosen because we all know they can go pop!
I hope you like it and if you want a prego lady like the hip one I put on this card you will
need Forever Young. No those chicks on that cartridge are not prego but if you weld an oval in just the right spot in design space or Cricut Craft room. POP! There you have a pregnant lady!!!

I will say these are just the first few I made. I don't have a copy of it but I changed the "POP!" from a cut out to being written with marker. Much faster and a lot less glue. So when you have 52 of these to make use the marker. Next I have to make a banner for the shower. But I won't be able to post it right away. Just in case my sister figures out I post theses things on my blog. I will need the banner to be a surprise. lol

Forever Young  Cricut Cartridge
a random oval image
plain cardstock
Cricut Explore marker for the "She's ready to"

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Butterfly Gift Bag

This is a bag I made for the Circleville NSD challenge over on 
Go check out some of her great projects.

I used : 
Anna Griffin Summer Soiree Cricut Cartridge 
Lacy Labels Cricut Cartridge 
A New Anna Griffin  Cuttlebug Folder

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Pour Me Some Lemonade

Life is full of lemons and it's the knowing how to make lemonade that makes it all go away or at least helps.
Nice thought. In other words you have to make your own happiness.
Here is a great card to send to a friend when they get too many lemons sent their way.

Savory Cricut cartridge
Anna Griffin Cuttlebug folder

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Take Time To Smell, I Meant Color The Roses

Do you ever look at the flowers on a cartridge and wonder how can I make these look more real or stand out. When I saw the Anna Griffin rose that comes with the HSN Explore I thought it needs to be more like an Anna Griffin flower. I have a card kit of hers and the flowers are one of the best parts of it. So I looked at my stash of assembled Anna Griffin cards with those flowers for inspiration. I also decided to add some glitter because well I just love glitter. So I made a ton of different roses but all from the same cut. It is amazing how much use you can get out of one image.
Now I used Studio G ink pads, copics, and opaque pens. It just takes a few dabs here and there and you really change your flowers and give them character. Also an important factor to consider on this cut is you may want to color the base cut where you add the petals. I used my copics in this area before I place my petals on the flower in the card below. Also don't forget rhinestones and brads make a great center for a card. I don't have any flowers like that pictured here but they are great accents. I just concentrated on showing you inked flowers and one image to show how different one image can be. Plus I did want to make this post any longer than it is. lol This will work an so many of the different flower cuts out there. 

On this yellow rose I inked the edges pink and glittered the petals. The leaves were inked with green ink.

The top rose is untouched. The only thing I changed from the sample image in Design studio is the background from white to purple. Color can make a difference. The bottom is the same as the above but I inked the edges with an studio G ink pad you can find in the $ 1.00 bins at Joann's Michael's, or some of the the big grocery stores in their crafts section. It don't cost a lot to achieve this look. 
I inked the petals with pink and the leaves with purple.

These flowers were cut with a black background and all white petals and leaves. The colors you see are all from me inking them with an  ink pad. They will look great with chalkboard ink stamps and such.

These are harder to explain but if you like copics and like to color that's all you need. The copics have to be close to the shade of color paper you decide to use. I only own a handful of copics so I am limited in that aspect. Though someday I will try to increase my collection. I mostly color my cricut cuts with my copics. Now I was just playing with theses cut in attempt to create a painted look. 
I also used different opaque pens to outline the petal and leaves.

The challenge is to alter a flower from any cricut cartridge and put it on a card or, scrapbook page,  box or etc. So easy and fun!!! I do ask you submit a new project.. Link it here and make a comment below please, 
It would be nice if you post to the Circle message board on my post to let me know you entered here. Thanks. 
The prize is an extra of the stamp above that I bought and few other embellishment goodies to go with it !

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Make Mine A Mini

Welcome to my post for Circleville NSD Online Event!

I made a mini as my challenge project. It is mainly made with one sheet of 12 x 12 paper and a small piece to bind it that I just dug out of my scraps. It really is simple.
I love that it has pockets.

The great thing about this mini is you don't have to use it as a mini. You could use it to hold all your store savings/member cards. Also you could just use it to safely store photos you plan to hand out. I can even see making theses as gift as brag books to new moms or grandmas.  Maybe you can even think of a new use.
Here are a few video links to make the Mini.They are both good and show two different ways to bind the mini. I like the band in the one to hold the book shut.As you can tell I used that and embossed mine with a Anna Griffin folder



Please scroll all the way to the bottom of this page to find the link up tool.

Here is a list of all the other bloggers that posting challenges on their blogs.

Col's Creative Corner. - www.scrappycol.blogspot.com

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Baby Card Time

Hi everyone. Long time no post! I plan to get back to posting a bunch of stuff !!!So today I have a card for you. Right now I am working on my card stash so I will have some ready when needed. It is no fun rushing a design and then making something you are not completely happy with. So in my spare time I will be building up my stash of cards. Stay tuned because I plan to share them here!
Oh and would love for you to follow my blog .
I have some special posts planned for this weekend so stop by again!

Cartridges used were:
 Anna Griffin Summer Soirees - card base & doily
Cricut Craft Room Basics - hearts& circle
Cindy Lou - deer
Cricut Font and Basic shapes  - word "BABY"

Friday, May 31, 2013

Mr. & Mrs. Banner

My mom is a maid of honor in a wedding coming up and her friend asked if I would make a banner to hang on their table. She saw the one I made for my little sisters wedding. she basically just told me what colors and let me go with it. I like it when people leave the design up to me. I have never posted that one. Maybe I will soon. lol I hope you all enjoy it. These were just a few quick pictures I took before mom took them to the bride to be.

cartridges used: Lacy labels, Teresa Collins Black and White Imagine cartridge for the printed paper. I also used one of the new Ann Griffin Cuttlebug folders.